Acoustic investigation,Sound wave charging cable

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Acoustic investigation

Acoustic investigation
In the past few years, scientists have gone in the opposite direction: extracting electricity from piezoelectric devices, and have made dramatic advances. Most of these devices, which are still not available to consumers, Sound wave charging cablewill be able to generate electricity while a person is walking, running and, in this case, talking. The U.S. army is even considering converting the physical impact of a bullet into a weak electric current to power part of the vehicle. However, south Korean scientists want to harness a different type of energy source: sound waves. Using zinc oxide, the main ingredient in calamine lotion, park, Kim and their colleagues created a nanowire sandwiched between two electrodes. Sound wave charging cableThe researchers used sound waves of 100 decibels - not quite as loud as a rock concert - to hit the two electrodes holding the nanowires. Normal voice volume is about 60 to 70 decibels.Sound wave charging cable