How much iot card traffic does a Shared device require?,sharing device

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How much iot card traffic does a Shared device require?

How much iot card traffic does a Shared device require?
In recent years, the emergence of a large number of Shared devices, such as Shared bicycles, Shared cars and Shared charging stations, has also brought China's economy into the era of sharing economy.sharing device In the era of sharing economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved and travel has become more convenient. However, the role of iot CARDS in these Shared devices cannot be ignored.sharing device

Sharing economy has become the hot spot of The Times under the current trend. There are applications in various scenarios, and the Shared paper towel machine has become one of them. So how much traffic does the paper towel machine need?
Paper towel sharers are sold automatically through iot CARDS. Through the Internet of things card he can achieve automatic sales of paper, security monitoring and other functions. It solves the user's embarrassment of needing a tissue when they forget to bring one. His traffic is determined according to his usage frequency. Usually, the traffic of the iot card he needs is 100M/ month, but in reality, the higher his usage frequency is, the more traffic he will generate. Accordingly, though, he will sell more.sharing device