Share the battery needs of electric cars,sharing electronic vehicle battery station

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Share the battery needs of electric cars

Share the battery needs of electric cars
Every year because of the electric vehicle charge spontaneous combustion explosion caused by numerous injuries and even deaths, and the ministry of public security issued a document to prohibit the electric vehicle indoor and corridor charging and parking. As a result, ev charging has become a difficult problem for ev users.sharing electronic vehicle battery station

In the takeout market, takeout personnel need to constantly change the battery to meet the delivery needs. In order to improve the delivery efficiency, Shared battery is a rigid requirement.sharing electronic vehicle battery station

To solve the problems of safe charging, convenient electricity and high cost of lithium battery for users; Assist the government to 100% solve the problem of charging safety and faster and better implementation of the new national standard. With the wide market of these two problems, the Shared electric vehicle electrical changing cabinet project has the feasibility of demand.sharing electronic vehicle battery station