Share the introduction of escort bed,Sharing accompany bed

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Share the introduction of escort bed

Share the introduction of escort bed
For the convenience of taking care of patients and good communication, there is also a bed for taking a rest. Sharing accompany bedYou can take a rest by scanning the mobile phone to get the bed. The combination of the chair and the bed can be used as the chair.
Shared accompany bed cabinet type can be placed directly beside the bed, can completely serve as a bedside table cabinet,Sharing accompany bed during the break can take out the cabinet inside the hidden folding bed, after use, at any time in the cabinet, the station position is relatively small, the ward can be rectified at any time during the management, management bed area.
The hospital Shared escort bed has a precise and mobile user population. Its appearance is similar to the traditional ward bedside table, but there is a folding bed hidden under it. When needed, the user only needs to scan the qr code to open the special lock on the equipment, close the cost settlement, and complete the unattended operation.Sharing accompany bed