Shared Internet of things,sharing IoT

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Shared Internet of things

Shared Internet of things
Behind these intelligent lives, the Internet of things and the Internet of things card. The Internet of things (iot) is a network that connects objects with the Internet through sensing devices for information exchange and communication, so as to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. sharing IoTIn simple terms, it is to link people, things (resources) and services through the communication data transmission network with the help of a certain scene of smart devices (mobile terminals, vehicle-mounted devices, etc.), so as to efficiently realize a certain specific demand.sharing IoT

Iot CARDS can be understood as "phone CARDS that can't make calls". Both look similar and are issued by operators. The difference lies in that iot CARDS are charged according to the flow, with special number segments and independent network elements, which are mainly used in intelligent hardware and iot devices. Compared with WIFI, iot CARDS are more flexible and have higher data security. It is widely used in mobile media, monitoring and monitoring, medical health, Internet of vehicles, wearable devices, smart devices, wireless POS machines and many other fields.sharing IoT