Shared power supply is popular among residents in the community,sharing power source

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Shared power supply is popular among residents in the community

Shared power supply is popular among residents in the community

Recently, when the reporter visited, found that the Shared power into the community, very popular neighborhood.
Zhanjiang is a large city of electric vehicles, people's travel tools are generally convenient, fast electric vehicles. Every day the street market has a mighty army of electric cars. With the increase of electric vehicles, the problem of electric vehicles is becoming more and more prominent. The emergence of Shared power supply solves the problem of difficult charging for electric vehicles.sharing power source

Some community leaders said, with the popularity of electric bicycles, electric vehicle charging and daily management problems are increasingly prominent. However, the work of the management department is very important. In order to prevent potential fire hazards such as private wiring and in-home charging of electric vehicles, "Shared power supply" is specially introduced to solve the problem of charging and to advocate safe charging for users.sharing power source

The person in charge of Shared power told the reporter that "Shared power" is a set of electric vehicle public charging equipment independently developed by a company in shenzhen, which facilitates green travel and residential property management, in order to improve the charging safety coefficient of residents' electric vehicles. Users use a "Shared power" smart device. In the specified parking area, the mobile phone can scan the code to charge the electric vehicle, and then automatically cut off the power when it is full, with a text message reminding them.sharing power source