The advent of the Shared charging battery,Rental power bank

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The advent of the Shared charging battery

The advent of the Shared charging battery
Share the treasure is refers to the enterprise to provide the battery lease equipment, users only need to scan the qr code on the screen sharing charging treasure to borrow process can be roughly divided into four steps, Rental power bank and code registration payment on loan, typically the entire process takes less than 3 minutes to return way similar to a Shared cycling, users can charge the battery on the public platform based on treasure of GPS positioning, returned to the nearest three modes of payment methods, chose the yards, are generally free, 0.5 1 hour before then is 1 yuan per hourIn April 2017, Rental power bankin jiangxi nanchang zhongshan road equipment set up 40 charging treasure stored port, equipment at the top of the screen indicate the abnormal operation cost prompt solutions use the tutorials and customer service telephone users in the cell phone micro letter or pay treasure to sweep operations, a charging treasure will automatically pop up on the equipment operation choice to return, including mobile phone immediately received return time return location length on loan fees, Rental power bankand other detailed information, including the equipment and data line, but only for sale, each price is 10 yuan