The charging cabinet is composed of structure,Bluetooth sharing power bank

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The charging cabinet is composed of structure

The charging cabinet is composed of structure
Bluetooth is data transmission, electricity is energy transmission. Bluetooth charger is a new type of charger in the future that USES short-range radio technology to transmit power to the powered device. Not yet. The so-called Bluetooth technology is actually a short-range radio technology.Bluetooth sharing power bank

In fact, it is a convenient and portable portable power source. It is a portable device that integrates power storage, voltage boost and charging management.
Charging treasure own plug directly from the ac power can charge the battery for mobile devices and itself has the electric device, the equivalent of a mixture of charger and battery back-up can simplify a compared with standby power plug of the device,Bluetooth sharing power bankand compared with the charger it itself has the electric device, can be without power or straight to digital products provide standby power while going out.