The working principle of self-service coin machine,cash power bank station

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The working principle of self-service coin machine

The working principle of self-service coin machine
When it enters the magnetic field generated by a specific high-frequency oscillation circuit composed of inductors and capacitors through the entrance of the coinage, the influence of metal material and volume on the inductance is also slightly different, and the change of inductance will lead to the change of oscillation frequency. After the change of frequency is detected and compared with the set value, the frequency signal is converted into voltage signal output through the narrow-band frequency selection circuit to complete the identification of the metal power bank station
There are many kinds of metal coin recognizers (coin slot machines), but there are two kinds of coin depositing and withdrawing mechanisms. Storage COINS, another kind is the cylinder type stepping motor work. After the COINS into after identification is the electrical signal, counterfeit currency and foreign body is expelled, cash power bank station
real dollars at par distribution by several groups of solenoid valve assigned to different storage COINS cavity in the body. Set aside. When, after receipt of the refund money change electrical signals through work, cash power bank stationelectromagnetic valve, or refund money motor pull rod will lay aside money cavity bottom COINS in accordance with the electrical signal procedure, complete the work change function of the vending machine.