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WeChat sharing

Undoubtedly WeChat Moments has become one of the best ways to share everything you love in your life. Whether you are travelling abroad,WeChat sharing tasting amazing food, or just reading a book at home, everything you find interesting can be shared with your friends and family through Wechat for mobile.

When sharing from the app a title, a description and an image are posted via the API for the shared page (these display as desired when shared from the app). Once shared the friends open these pages in WeChat (and not our app).

WeChat has confirmed that it’s sharing users’ personal info with the Chinese government. The company has updated its privacy statement declaring that it must do so in order to “comply with applicable laws or regulations”, among other things. Here’s the full statement:

Sharing on WeChat is Different. Of the 2,117 people who followed our WeChat Official Account in the less than five days after the article, 57 of them (2.7%) messaged us directly on WeChat to speak with us. We had incoming leads from a dozen SMEs, a publicly traded company, and the deck was picked up on several industry news sites.

WeChat for Windows includes a powerful file sharing tool that allows you to instantly share your files, images, documents, and more with all of your WeChat friends. They’ll be able to receive what you send whether they’re using the desktop program or WeChat on their mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

How To Upload And Send Video To Moments. Sharing video on WeChat is fairly easy but for some reason sharing videos on Moments is not available yet. However, WeChat sharing,there is a trick for you to share your uploaded video and send it to Moments. Enter any chat room and click on the + …

In that case, click the 'Share' icon at the bottom middle of Safari (or in the upper right 3 dot menu in Chrome) and select WeChat. If the WeChat icon isn't appearing in the Share menu, you might need to enable it by sliding to the rightmost share icon ('More') and enabling WeChat as a Share destination.

3. Share Only Text On WeChat Moments. The Moments feed works similarly to a Facebook feed where you can like and comment on photos shared by your contacts. Don’t want to share photos? Share text like a status update instead by tapping and holding the camera icon on the top right corner till a text box appears. Likes and comments apply.