What if the phone is dead?,Sharing power bank cabinet

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What if the phone is dead?

What if the phone is dead?
Now everyone USES a mobile phone, maybe the younger child does not use, but when he grew up out of society must also buy a mobile phone, even if he is poor enough to eat instant noodles every day. A little better economy will buy ipads and laptops. That is, almost everyone carries at least one cell phone.Sharing power bank cabinet

These cell phone devices are all electronic devices that need to be charged before they can be used. The carrier, the human, cannot generate electricity itself and must rely on electricity from home. However, people don't stay at home all the time. Going out is common. So the question is, what if the phone is dead?Sharing power bank cabinet

If there is a device, all over the city, we can use mobile phone scan code, through WeChat or alipay to pay a little money, and then can charge, we are very happy. Usually to humbly beg others to charge, now as long as pay a little money, do not have to look at a person's face, you can charge at any time, anywhere wayward. When society has this function, I think of President xi jinping's words "people's yearning for a better life". Charging whenever and wherever possible, life is so simple and convenient that I wish I could live another 500 years.