What is Shared and what are the advantages of sharing?,Sharing business

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What is Shared and what are the advantages of sharing?

What is Shared and what are the advantages of sharing?
Sharing is a brand new business alliance sharing platform jointly created by business owners from all walks of life: nearby business circle + online sharing mall + offline business alliance. Effective integration of different industries and idle resources, mutual advice, joint promotion and introduction, expand the network resources circle, enhance brand awareness and personal influence, so that participating in the sharing of what business members can achieve the effect of group revenue.Sharing business

Business alliance scope
Business alliance involving Banks, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, beauty salons, art photography, medicine, medical and other industries. "Business alliance" is a consumer alliance organization jointly created by mainstream businesses in various industries. Sharing businessWe use the combination of online and offline, in addition to the cooperation for merchants group purchase activities, but also free to join the business on the Internet to provide service area, display the company's brand, product, promotional activities discount information, for businesses in the group purchase can also extend the network marketing behavior, from now on bring infinite business opportunities.
Cooperation process
The process of participating in the merchant alliance is as follows: after merchants participate in the group purchase activity, set up an independent and exclusive merchant page in the background merchant alliance zone. For businesses to promote and publicize, let friends come to buy goods.