What kinds of charging lines are there?,password USB cable

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What kinds of charging lines are there?

What kinds of charging lines are there?
1. With the benefit of multiple mobile phones, it is recommended to shunt them in parallel. Only one mobile phone can be charged at a time, which is slow to charge.
2. Poor quality iron wire, or non-pure copper wire, are mostly accessories of some common electronic products, which are not suitable for charging mobile phones.
3. Shielded wires, many wires with multiple shielding layers, usually with multiple shielding layers and more copper, good data transmission effect with multiple strands and quick charging.
Flat and round lines. Flat wire is relatively faster than round wire transmission speed, charging fast, now many charging treasure is flat wire, but may not be as durable as round wire.
5. Two-in-one or three-in-one data cable, available in usb c, android or apple cable.
6. Weave coat thread, or other non-plastic thread, which is not easy to dirty, not easy to break, other performance is the same.