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The Development And Future Of Shared Power Banks

Jul. 23, 2021

I have two very large mobile power banks at home. But every time I go out, I either dislike that it is too heavy to carry, or I find that I forget to charge it. You know how terrible it is for a person who has a long phone in his hand to run out of battery. At this time, the shared power bank is like God saving my life. Nowadays, as an emerging market with fast profitability offline, extensive scenes and high frequency payment, the market position of shared rechargeable treasure is getting heavier and heavier, and gradually becoming a concern for Internet giants to compete.

shared power bank

Background of sharing power banks

Development of smartphones

With the development of smartphones and the expansion of user scale, users' demand for mobile device charging has increased. With fast power consumption of cell phones and long hours of outdoor work, sharing mobile power as well have become an essential demand.

Shared bicycle market drives

The profit model of shared charging treasure is similar to that of shared bicycle. Driven by the shared bicycle market, it has received more and more attention from people and developed rapidly.

power bank stations

Dense outlets promote usage rate

With the rapid development of shared mobile batteries over the past five years, more and more outlets have been laid out in the streets and alleys. The densification of outlets provides convenience for users to return the batteries, improves user experience and promotes the usage rate of users, which helps shared power bank manufacturers further promote the market scope.

Usually, along with the shared charging station, there is an advertising page. This is a great place to promote the product. Ruioo has charging stations for different scenarios, such as conference rooms, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Technology bottleneck may be the opportunity

Cell phone battery technology is difficult to break through. With the upgrade of cell phone hardware and cell phone system, the use of more and more energy-consuming software makes the user's cell phone battery life drop significantly. The fast power consumption of cell phones and long hours of outdoor work cannot be fundamentally solved, providing broad prospects and huge opportunities for shared batteries.

three different charging ports

Feedback from users:proper price

Especially in 2021, some businesses have raised the price to an outrageous level. The unit price two years ago was still two yuan per hour, but this year it has risen to two yuan per half hour, and even reached a staggering six yuan per half hour in some tourist spots. Continued price increases will only lead users to choose other cheaper brands of rechargeable batteries. Merchants should consider setting a reasonable unit price.

The momentum of the COVID-19 epidemic has waned, cities are opening up, malls are opening their doors and more and more people are out on the streets again. Shared power banks are about to enter another new wave of development.

For now, we can't ignore the future of the mobile power. And we assume maybe there will be sharing power banks for laptops in the next a few years. The Internet industry and the electronics manufacturing industry will flourish for quite some time, and now is a good time to invest in shared power banks. 

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