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How Power Bank Sharing Works

Apr. 23, 2021

This type of business allows users to rent Shared Power Bank at stations. Rental stations are usually placed in popular locations:


Amusement parks

Shopping malls

Entertainment centers

Festivals or conference venues



Shared Power Bank

Shared Power Bank

These charging stations have multiple power banks that are charged while they’re docked. A Power Bank Rental Station also has its own software that’s connected to the customer-facing mobile app. Through this app, a user is able to locate a station, see how many power banks are available, and check their battery charge.

When a user comes to a station and scans a QR code, the app sends a request to the station, which releases a power bank. Usually, the rental cost is hourly and is charged automatically from an in-app balance that the user needs to replenish.

After the user charges their phone, they should be able to return the battery to any station that has free spots. For this, the user will once again use an app to find the nearest charging station.

A rental power bank station has its own software that’s connected to the customer-facing mobile app

Many apps also encourage users to return lost batteries if they find them around the city. For doing so, they reward users with in-app bonuses on future rentals.

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