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Merchants Put the Benefits of sharing Power Banks

Mar. 06, 2021

As a business, of course, the most concerned about the customer flow in the store, because of the emergence of Shared Power Banks, attracting more customers to come in and borrow power banks and sit down and order something to drink, which makes businesses feel very happy.

Shared Power Banks

Shared Power Banks

Benefit 1: Cost saving

In some shops like hotel Internet cafes, users stay for a long time and have high charging requirements. Before sharing power banks, businesses need to prepare a large number of charging heads and data cables, and they are often lost, and they are worried about the safety of electricity use, so there are shared charging After the treasure, you can save these costs, and the user can directly scan the code to rent the power bank.

Benefit 2: Improve efficiency

Many stores need manual services and management of charging equipment or tools to provide users with charging. With a shared power bank, this aspect of personnel services can be liberated and the efficiency of personnel work can be improved.

Benefit 3: Promotion

The Charging Cabinet with video screen function can put the store's special products or activities and publicity advertisements on the video screen, so that the passing users can see it, and achieve the effect of promotion and publicity.

Benefit 4: Backstage lock powder

Through the background APP positioning instructions, guide customers to enter the store to charge, bring in the flow of people and increase the probability of consumption in the store. To promote businesses, the agency platform has advertising functions to select precise customers for businesses and introduce more fans. Create business reputation and influence, solve business problems, business problems, profit problems and other pain points; make shared power banks coexist and win-win with businesses!

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