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Reveal - The Development of Shared Charging Industry

Nov. 02, 2020

In the modern society with rapid development, mobile phone has become an essential item in People's Daily communication. Just imagine, when you are away from home, your mobile phone is in short of power, and there is no fixed power supply. How should people deal with it? Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to people's mind is mobile power supply -- Shared charging and Shared charging cable!At present, the joining of Shared Charging Treasure and charging line has also become a hot industry. Will take you to understand the Shared charging, Shared charging line!

1.Market basis of Shared charging and Shared charging line

The huge user group makes the market prospect of Shared charging a bright one. According to the White Paper on The Psychology and Behavior of Mobile Phone Users born after 1995 released by The School of Psychology and Cognitive Science of Peking University, people born after 1995 spend 8.33 hours a day on mobile phones. Combined with the rise of small video apps such as Douyin and Kuaishou, the daily battery consumption of mobile phones is steadily increasing with the arrival of 5G era.While out of the home, the most significant battery hard damage problem can not be solved for a short time, so the sharing of charging alliance, sharing of charging line alliance has become a popular alliance.

2. Market prospect of Shared charging line and Shared charging joining

In today's era of smart devices, the blue sea market of mobile power supply is huge, and there are many potential users at home and abroad, and the launching scene is very broad. Restaurants, bars, Internet cafes and other places with high traffic flow can basically get profits from the launching of Shared charging treasure and Shared charging line.With the popularization of 5G network and the increase of time spent online, the battery life of mobile phones will become more and more prominent, and the demand for Shared charging lines and Shared charging will also increase.

Shared Charging Treasure

Shared Charging Treasure

The huge population base in China makes it possible to tap a large number of user dividends in the market. In addition, the uncertainty of innovative business and competition pattern also brings many opportunities and challenges for manufacturers of Shared charging lines and Shared charging. At present, the industry as a whole is in the early stage of maturity, with a large room for growth. Along with more and more people rely for Shared charging line, sharing charging line, more and more manufacturers began to develop some fashion good-looking appearance, compact, portable mobile power supply is used to store energy for the user, and butt on the high quality version of the Shared charging treasure Shared charging line agents, in virtually provides users with convenient, improve the quality of life of users.

At present, the sharing charging platform has broken all kinds of doubts along the way, from "false demand" to the real "rigid demand" of users. With the joining of more and more people, the industry of sharing charging platform and sharing charging line has become increasingly mature, and the business model has also been verified by the market.Some experts predict that the industry will maintain its original achievements and develop steadily in the next few years.

3.End notes

Have seen so much, whether the screen in front of you to share charger, share charge line to join also had certain understanding, move for it?Although now the Shared market development prospects for a good, but small make up in this remind you, in the many brands of Shared charging treasure, choose a quality assurance of Shared charging  manufacturers, sharing charging line manufacturers platform for franchisers is also very important!

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