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Why Is The Development of Shared Power Bank, Scan Code Mobile Power so Fast?

Dec. 17, 2020

With the advent of shared bicycles, the sharing economy has revitalized the capital market, and various shared products have sprung up. For example, sharing umbrellas, sharing massage chairs, sharing washing machines, sharing cars, sharing mobile power, etc. But among many shared products, only Shared Power Bank stands out and becomes the only profitable project.

Now, you can see shared power banks in major cities. I think everyone does not have a mobile phone when they go out. Now, you don’t have to worry about battery power anymore. You can rent and use it at restaurants, theaters, shopping centers, KTVs, stations, subways and other places by scanning QR codes. Why can the shared mobile power supply quickly occupy the entire market in just a few years after its launch?

Sharing Power Bank For Cellphone

Sharing Power Bank For Cellphone

First, mobile phones are becoming more and more important to people. With the advent of mobile payment, mobile phones are responsible for people's clothing, food, housing and transportation payments. People can travel without a wallet or map. Only mobile phones can solve most problems. When the phone is out of power, I dare not even go out. The emergence of Sharing Power Bank For Cellphone has solved the problem of running out of mobile phones.

Second, the charging price of most brands of shared mobile power can be freely set by the agent according to the location. According to different consumption places, set different prices, which is easier for customers to accept!

Third, the shared mobile power supply comes with 3 different charging cables, with Type-C interface, Apple interface, and Android interface respectively, which supports charging of 99% of mobile phone models on the market, without the need for users to bring their own data cables.

Fourth, the investment cost is low, the shared power bank can be recycled, and revenue will be generated after the loan is returned. When the battery is exhausted, it can be used again after fully charged, and the profit time is very long. With the development of technology, the battery life of shared mobile power has been extended, the possibility of failure has also been greatly reduced, the maintenance cost has also been greatly reduced, and the profit time is longer!

The reason for the rapid development of Public Power Bank is nothing more than the rigid demand of the market, the entire population and the entire scene. These market factors, coupled with low investment costs and fast returns, have become the first choice of many entrepreneurs and sideline investors, thus creating a shared mobile power source. The current state of the booming industry.

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