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Why is The Shared Power Bank Industry So Popular?

Mar. 21, 2021

In the current society, joining the shared power bank seems to have become a social trend. In hotels, restaurants, bookstores. You can see shared power banks in almost all kinds of places. Why is it so popular? Today, the Shared Power Bank Supplierwill take you to take an inventory of why shared power banks are so popular to join!

Shared Power Bank

Shared Power Bank

1.The development of the times will inevitably have a large rigid demand

The latest scientific survey shows that the daily power consumption of people using mobile phones is steadily increasing with the advent of the 5G era. Coupled with the rise of various small video apps such as Douyin and Kuaishou, only the amount of time they use mobile phones every day after 95 It is 8.33 hours, and the most significant battery damage problem cannot be solved in a short time when going out. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for shared power banks to be put into use.

2. One-time investment continues to earn rental income

For investors, does a franchise industry where one-time investment continues to earn rental income really exist? The current boom in the shared power bank industry confirms this to us. It is inconvenient to carry the power bank when going out, and the battery life is poor. In the face of huge user needs, shared power banks have solved this problem very well. It only takes a few bucks to fill the phone and solve all kinds of difficulties when going out. Users are also happy to see it. In addition, the shared power bank is not easy to damage, and the price is favorable. It can be used for several years after one investment and purchase. It can be described as continuing to earn rental income.

3. Long-term drainage to stimulate consumption

The vast majority of businesses join the Shared Power Bank Industry while operating other industries. This is not only because slowly charging the shared power bank has a small investment and less risk, but also because the business needs to drain traffic. The shared power bank can charge users in time, increase customer retention time and increase customer orders, and stimulate in-store consumption while earning rent.

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