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Three Benefits of Sharing Mobile Power

Jul. 07, 2021

What is Shared Power Bank? Shared charging power is a charging rental device provided by companies. Users simply scan the QR code on the screen of the device and can borrow a charging device "no deposit" with their credit score. If the credit score is insufficient, they can pay a deposit of 99 yuan. After the rechargeable battery is successfully returned, they can withdraw the money and return it to their account at any time.

The borrowing and lending process of leasing shared charging pads can be roughly divided into four steps: code scanning - registration - payment - borrowing.

The shared rechargeable batteries on the market are divided into three categories according to the use scenario:

First, mobile sharing in mobile mode; personnel and charging equipment can be moved, such as borrowing a rechargeable battery from A back to B. The focus is on large equipment, including shopping malls, high-speed trains, train stations, airports, attractions, hospitals and many others, and one device can accommodate dozens of mobile power sources.

Shared Power Bank

Shared Power Bank

The second is fixed-scene mobile sharing, focusing on small scenes; people need to borrow mobile power when they walk around point A, and they can lend it after paying a deposit in a modest cabinet. The main focus is on small counters. Scenes include restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. There are usually 6 or 12 rechargeable batteries in a cabinet.

Third, fixed scene Mobile Power Sharing, for each desktop; line machine integration, when there is a shared charging treasure on the desktop, no deposit is required, and charging is done directly after sweeping the code to pay.

The emergence of shared rechargeable power has the following three benefits:

1. The emergence of shared rechargeable batteries plays the role of a first aid station for cell phones without power, i.e. emergency response. For example, when we go to a train station and wait for a train, it is not easy to find a charging port in the huge waiting hall, even if we carry a charger with us. In addition, at present, there is a serious common problem of slow charging speed in the USB line charging station service in the waiting hall of domestic railway stations.

2. The emergence of shared rechargeable batteries has given mass cell phone users the option of free charging in many cases. Whether it is KTV or restaurant, waiting or watching football. If you have a mobile power that can be charged anywhere, you don't have to worry about your phone running out of power. Charging with mobile power does not affect the use of cell phones. If there is a charger connected to the charging socket fixed to the wall, due to the location and line length problem, it will affect the normal use of the phone.

3, the emergence of shared charging treasure, save a number of charging treasure manufacturers. The huge market demand of shared charging treasure coincides with the demise of some charging treasure production enterprises.

These are the three benefits that can be seen directly. If you need, please feel free to contact the Shared Mobile Power Supplier.

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