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Tips for Investors Buying Shared Mobile Power Stations

Oct. 27, 2021

If you want to invest in or buy a shared mobile power station, what should you consider? Power capacity? Connection port shape? Compatibility rules? Shape and size? To help you better understand the factors involved in buying a power station, RUIOO shares them with you, so read on.

Capacity of the power supply

How much do you want to charge your mobile phone? This is the question that the capacity of the mobile power supply can tell you. Another important question is for which devices do you want to use the mobile power supply? Laptops require more power than smartphones. Smartphones can be charged with a 3.350 mAh mobile power supply, but laptops need more power. You need to choose your charging station for the battery capacity of the mobile phones available in the market.


Input and output

Today's mobile power supplies are so advanced that you don't need to make a choice for this issue. Only some models in today's shops may not have the correct input or output for your mobile device. So make sure you check the specifications of the inputs and outputs and the devices that are compatible with your mobile power supply.


Price and quality

If you are looking for the perfect mobile power for your needs, you must look further than just the pictures. Check the specifications and determine which ones are important for you to use with your mobile power. Some cheap mobile power supplies can overload and damage your electronic devices. all of RUIOO's mobile power supplies are tested and meet all European safety requirements. We welcome your enquiries.



A mobile power supply is easy to use when there is no available wallsocket and you have to charge your electronic devices on the way to your destination. The size of the mobile power is very important as you need to carry the mobile power with you. A mobile power bank for a smartphone or tablet can fit in your pocket, but a larger mobile power bank for a laptop does not. A laptop power bank does fit in your handbag backpack.



As well as the capacity of the mobile power, the amperage is also important. Amperage (A) tells you how fast a mobile power supply will charge your electronic devices. The average mobile power supply has an amperage between 1 and 3.5 A. The higher the amperage, the faster it will charge your electronic device. The higher the amperage, the faster the mobile power will charge your device.


Plug types

You can use your mobile power for more devices, smartphones, tablets, sports cameras, portable LED lights. There are three most common connectors on the market: micro-b, type-c, lighting, which are generally included in every shared mobile power. RUIOO mobile power uses high quality cables that are not easily bent or damaged, so you can trust the quality.

ruioo three ports


Usage scenarios

The mobile power can be used in more ways than one. A student can use a mobile power on a bus without a socket, a hiker can use a mobile power to use his smartphone when he needs to send an emergency signal, and someone out on a trip to a tourist attraction needs a shared mobile power to ensure that his phone stays on. Investors can design attractive cases, colourful colours, compact size, etc.

Now you know something about mobile power stations. Have you made the decision to invest in a shared mobile power station from RUIOO? If not, leave us a message with your questions and our experts will be happy to answer them for you.

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