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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Power Bank

Oct. 09, 2021



Whether you buy your own rechargeable battery or a shared power bank on the street, they all have a certain life span, which was already covered in the previous article. For the sake of reducing damage and caring for public facilities, here are some usage precautions to maximise the lifespan of your mobile power.

1.Use a compatible device

Make sure that your phone's mAh is lower than the mah of the mobile power and that the description of the mobile power indicates that it is compatible with your device. You can find this information online or by contacting RUIOO.

Also, be sure to check the voltage and current.Mobile power supplies usually have a voltage of about 3.7 V and a current of 1A or 2A. Basically, 1A is suitable for your smartphone, so use it; do not use the 2A socket.

Do not charge anything that is not suitable for the mobile power as this may damage it. 

2.Keep it away from liquids

Mobile power supplies, like mobile phones without waterproof cases, are not suitable for water. Liquids can damage them and possibly ruin them, so keep them away from all liquids and high humidity.

3.Use it to charge your phone at 80%

Charging above 80% puts a strain on the mobile power. It's a voltage problem: it reaches a constant value and the current starts to drop over time.If you use your mobile power to charge your smartphone to a maximum of 80%, your mobile power will consume less energy and last longer.

RUIOO also has a mobile power sharing station with an advertising screen for businesses to place advertisements, you are welcome to find out more.

4.Don't leave the mobile power at 0% charge

It is best to charge your mobile power when it is below 50% energy to prevent it from reaching 0%. This is because when the voltage is too low, the lithium battery can carbonise, which can cause damage and thus shorten the potential of the rechargeable battery.

5.Avoid overheating or overcooling

You want to avoid using your mobile power in extreme temperatures as this can damage the battery and shorten the life of your mobile power.Keep it at room temperature, don't leave it in your car and don't put it next to a heater - high temperatures can cause an explosion.

How long a mobile power will last depends on quality, battery capacity, construction, brand, battery type and how you use it, and more importantly, learning how to choose the right mobile power and ways to extend its life. Feel free to contact us for more information on shared charging stations.

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