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  • ads screen shared power bank station
  • ads screen shared power bank station
  • ads screen shared power bank station

ads screen shared power bank station

Shared Power bank
Model: S36
Product Description

Product Description

Model: S36

Size and weight

Station size: 450*253* 1825mm

net weight: 35KG

Size of power bank: 135*68*14mm

net weight: 152g

Overall dimension: 470*400*1825mm

verall net weight: 40.5KG (including 36pcs power bank)


Total input: 12V25A

Single output: 5V1.5A

Total output: 5V1.5A*36

Standby consumption: 0.1kwh/day

communication: 4G+WIFI

power bank

Battery: polymer lithium battery

Lithium battery capacity: 5000MAH

Rated capacity: 3300MAH

Input: 5V1.5A

Output: 5V2A 

Interface: Iphone、Android、Tpye-C

Continuous advertising (with independent backstage, remote control)

Intelligent anti-theft lock, safe and secure

UV disinfection is used to prevent virus cross infection

Established in 2016,RUIOO is dedicated to providing”something different,

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