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  • S12 custom sharing power bank for meeting room
  • S12 custom sharing power bank for meeting room
  • S12 custom sharing power bank for meeting room

S12 custom sharing power bank for meeting room

Shared Power bank Model: S12
Product Description

Model: S12

Size and weight

Station size: 255*188* 315mm

Net weight: 3476G

Size of power bank: 135*68*14mm

Net weight: 152G

Overall dimension:  318*146*202mm

verall net weight: 5300g (including 12pcs power bank)


Total input: 12V5A

Single output: 5V1.5A

Total output: 5V1.5A*12

Standby consumption:  0.05kwh/day

communication: 4G; (options; 4G+WIFI; Bluetooth+WIFI)

power bank

Battery: polymer lithium battery

Lithium battery capacity: 5000MAH

Rated capacity: 3300MAH

Input: 5V1.5A

Output: 5V2A 

Interface: Iphone、Android、Tpye-C

Heavy iron, more stable and solid (the only one in China)

Intelligent anti-theft lock, safe and secure

UV disinfection is used to prevent virus cross infection

Shenzhen Ruiao Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, specializing in the sharing of power bank, charging cabinet, sales

The development, manufacture and sale of things such as selling machines and so on. At present, it has been upgraded to five generations of products, making up for the market

Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America.



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