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What is the development prospect of Shared charging industry?

Jun. 08, 2020

The rapid development of science and technology has provided many convenient conditions for people in modern society. The problem of low battery in mobile phones, which used to be a common problem when people went out, has been replaced by the shared charging devices that can be found everywhere on the street. Many people have seen the public demand for the Shared charging treasure, so they want to try to do the business of sharing charging industry, to see if they can get some considerable profits. Below reveal the development prospects of this industry!

According to the International Power Supply Organization, there will be no breakthrough in mobile phone battery power within 10 years, and the demand for charging a mobile phone multiple times each day will not change significantly. With the advent of the 5G era, the power consumption of major mobile phone apps has surged, and mobile phone power has become a rigid demand. In this situation, the rise of Shared charging treasure industry is an inevitable trend.

There is a great demand for emergency charging when you are away from home, and it is inconvenient for you to carry the charging outside. With the Shared charging, you only need to spend a few yuan to fill the mobile phone. In addition, it can also improve the staying time of users for merchants.During this period, in order to kill time, users may buy some products and drink a cup of coffee in the store, which can not only bring more people to the store, but also promote consumption. Why not?

In short, at present, the industry as a whole is in the early stage of maturity, with a large room for growth, and the trend of industrial development is good.As far as My personal experience is concerned, I prefer Rui Ao's Shared charger Pal when I am out, because its charging speed is faster and the appearance of Shared charger Pal is better.

Almost every user of Ruioo product can gain trust from the extremely long service life of their products.

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